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oh yeah you guys haven’t seen my RAD HAIR

oh yeah you guys haven’t seen my RAD HAIR

cute gender neutral dating terms for the signs


Aries: dirt pile

Taurus: memer

Gemini: nerdlord

Cancer: ANGRY nerdlord

Leo: feisty young’n

Virgo: strategically draped piece of fabric

Libra: anime trash

Scorpion: le hawt nb yaoiz partner

Sagittarius: cutie patoot but also NEEEEEEEEERD

Capricorn: the coolest cat around

Aquarius: emotional wreck but MY emotional wreck

Pisces: avril lavigne fan

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doll baes


doll baes

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hey everybody! the kind folks at the adorable subscription box service kawaii box (who i reviewed here!) have set up a giveaway for you guys! you get one month subscription to the kawaii box, which gets you 10-12 kawaii items, both licensed and original, shipped to your door for free! and they’re shipping everywhere! 

all you have to do is reblog this post and go to my giveaway page here, and enter your information into the rafflecopter widget on that page. it ends in a little over 17 days so act fast and get yourself a cute little box filled with kawaii surprises right at your door! 

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Anonym sagte: This is gonna sound so stupid but what is a fuckboy? lol


fuckboy symptoms:

  • timothy over here askin’ for nudes when all u did was say hello
  • connor who won’t calm down with his axe spray tryna infect ya lungs
  • colin adding #420 to his bio when he smoked weed one time
  • gregory mad cause u didn’t blow him after the first date

how to spot a fuckboy:

  • white nike tube socks with his adidas sandals
  • he wants to play 20 questions (!!!!!!!!! do not play !!!!!!!!!!! especially if there’s a “;)” involved)
  • relies on his mom but doesn’t respect women
  • looks like he just read one of jaden smith’s tweets in all of his selfies
  • can’t find the clitoris

fuckboys come in all shapes and sizes and results may vary but when he a fuckboy…he a fuckboy…and u will know


Oh honey, that’s just how old houses are. They settle. They sometimes creak or groan, or quietly weep, or demand blood sacrifice in voices that sounds like the fluttering wings of a thousand moths. It’s just the house settling. For whatever it can get. Go back to sleep.

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have some cute pitbulls!

tHANK YOU!!!!!

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"derp/herp derp" is ableist stop fucking using it, it is a term that originated with making fun of kids with down syndrome and being like "ha ha derp face:-P" and it has been used against disabled people for so long after that, please stop using it, get mad at people that do use it, please

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This is my new goldfish, Little Richard!